Student Needs Survey Assistance

Sotheby's Institute grad student Alexa Shitaneshi is working on her thesis and would like the assistance of fine art appraisers. Alexa's thesis is focused on provenance and value. She would like art appraisers (especially those with contemporary and 20th century specialties) to complete a short survey. The survey is online and should not take much time to complete. If you are not an art appraiser, please do not complete as the survey results are geared toward appraisers with a fine art specialty.

To take the survey, click on or cut and paste the address to the survey on Survey Monkey.

If you know of a fine art appraiser who is not a subscriber to the AW Blog, please feel free to forward the link.

If you may recall, the Appraiser Workshop readers assisted with a thesis on blockage last year, which was later published in the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies.

Please help Alexa out, and take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Thanks for your help,


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