Productive Magazine

I have posted on past issues of the online/PDF  Productive Magazine on the AW Blog.  This it a Getting Things Done (GTD) magazine with content and ideas on becoming more productive.  What is good about it is that most of the concepts and articles are geared toward small businesses and solo professionals who have to manage many aspects of business, from getting clients to dealing with finances and administrative issues.  We all could use a little advice in being more productive.  In that sense it is applicable to the managing the personal property appraisal practice.

As you can see from the article listed below, there are many insights into getting things done.

This issue of Productive Magazine contains the following interviews and articles:

  • Ditch the Bad Habits and Cultivate the Good Ones - an Interview
  • Scheduling Time in the Alone Zone
  • Frictionless Wrok: How to Clear Your life of Non-Essential Tasks
  • Quick and Dirty Guide to: Meetings - How to Make them Work
  • Getting Things Done...Faster
  • Kanban Changes the Perspective
  • Focusing on Getting Things Done with Project management 2.0
  • 7 Ways the New Apple iPad will Increase your Productivity
  • 10 Laws of Productivity
To read the new PDF issue of Productive Magazine, click HERE.

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