Survey Progress

The response to the new Appraiser Workshops Fine and Decorative Arts Market Confidence Survey has been very positive. As a test program and experiment in interactivity for the AW Blog, it has certainly shown the readers of the AW Blog can and will interact and supply valuable information.

I am going to keep the survey up until the end of next week, then compile the final results and develop graphs for each category showing the results.  I also  plan on using the calculations for an ongoing index for tracking and trend analysis. I will place the full list of categories and results on the blog. 

With this survey and results, appraisers should obtain a strong indication of market trends, excellent for inclusion in a market analysis for appraisal reports.  Appraisers are always looking for ways to document market trends, currently much information is anecdotal, especially for the decorative arts.  The survey results are an excellent tool for appraisers to use when analyzing and documenting the confidence levels of the fine and decorative art markets.

The below table shows some of the results for three of the survey categories, Fine Art Middle Market, Fine Art Upper Market and Household Contents.  It is easy to see that confidence is very strong in the Fine Art Upper market sector, neutral to negative for Fine Art Middle and negative for Household contents.

Category Positive Negative Neutral
FA Middle 9% 32% 43%
FA Upper 85% 5% 10%
Household Contents 14% 62% 24%

More results for all of the categories to come after I close the survey next week.  If you have not taken the survey please take a few minutes to do so.  The more results and answers we have, the greater the significance of the responses. Click HERE to take the Appraiser Workshops Fine and Decorative Arts Market Confidence Survey.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. The results are excellent and the collected data and output will be very useful to our profession.

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