AW Postings and Serena Williams Racket Sells for $20,900

First, many readers have reached out to me over the past few weeks to check-in since I have not been posting on a consistent basis as in the past. All is OK, although I have hit a bit of a busy time and also suffering a little bit from burnout. I have been enjoyably posting since July of 2008 (over 10 years, time really does fly by) with now nearly 4,000 posts. I plan on only posting sporadically during the holiday season, and then plan on getting back to my a regular and consistent schedule of posts as in the past. Thank you for your interest and for following the blog and I look forward to continuing with my posts after the New Year.

Just spotted an interesting item on celebrity premiums from Yahoo News. In the 2018 tennis star Serena Williams destroyed her racket at the US Open. She uses a Wilson Blade racket, and the commercial offerings typical sell in the $100-$200 range, the smashed racket sold for $20,910.

Yanoo News reports
One woman’s trash ...

Well, you know how the saying goes.

A Manhattan memorabilia dealer made a tidy sum this week when a New Jersey auction sold a broken tennis racket Serena Williams was more than happy to dispose of.

5-figure score for memorabilia dealer
According to CNN, the racket Williams destroyed during her 2018 U.S. Open tantrum during her 6-2, 6-4 final loss to Naomi Osaka sold for $20,910.

Williams slammed the racket on the court during an outburst that saw her call chair umpire Carlos Ramos a “liar and a thief” after he warned her for receiving illegal coaching help during the match.

“You're attacking my character,” Williams told Ramos after the warning. “You will never, ever be on another court of mine. You are the liar.”

When Williams later smashed her racket in frustration after losing a game to Osaka, she was penalized a game for her second code violation.

Now that racket has resulted in a hefty profit for a memorabilia dealer.

Williams, who levied accusations of sexism toward Ramos because he penalized her for her outburst, gave the busted racket to ballboy Justin Arrington-Holmes.

Ballboy sold racket for $500
Arrington-Holmes then sold the racket to the memorabilia dealer for $500 without negotiating, according to the New York Times.

“Looking back I wish I’d had someone help me with the process,” Arrington-Holmes told The Times. “I was not familiar with how any of this works. I just wanted to get rid of it.”

The memorabilia dealer obviously had an idea of the racket’s auction value and cashed in on it this week.
Source: Yahoo News

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